Untitled (from As We Go On), animated drawing, 1:27 minutes, 2008

As We Go On, animated drawing, 6:57 minutes, 2005

AS WE GO ON (2005-8)

In this series of drawings and animation, symbols of our national mythology of sugary plenty and sanitized security share space in absurd panoramic landscapes. The drawing compositions are influenced by 19th century American civil war battlefield photographs and pastoral painting, the flattened California pop landscapes of Ed Ruscha, the satirical work of Hans Haacke and Martha Rosler, and Susan Sontag’s writing on the paradoxically distancing power and intimacy of pictures of war. Here, hand drawn figures lounge in a landscape peppered with pop graphics of American comfort food and signs of military occupation. With humor and satire, this work defangs popular politicized symbols and politicizes nostalgic national pastimes

Drawings, 21" x 63", archival inkjet prints, 2005-2008.